Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery (or MIS) is a series of surgical techniques for the spine which achieve the same goals as traditional surgery but with far less trauma to the tissues and the body.  True MIS can often involve no hospitalization, no stitches and no blood loss.  You can go home with a band-aid.

Q: I hear this term "minimally invasive surgery" all the time.
What is it really? And how does Dr. James Maxwell achieve
what others cannot?

A: As a trained engineer, Dr. Maxwell has spent years developing techniques, instruments and products with other U.S. and European engineers and surgeons. He will bring to you the most advanced:
  • lasers 
  • endoscopes 
  • microscopes 
  • mini-clips
  • stabilizers 
  • sutures
At your consultation, ask about these incredible scaled-down alternatives.

    Q: Why should I consider minimally invasive spine surgery
    with Dr. Maxwell?

    A: Dr. Maxwell's techniques are the most advanced anywhere.
    After your in-depth, one-on-one discussion with him, and after
    use of appropriate non-operative methods, you may select a
    minimally invasive operation. If you do, consider this:

      • No bleeding
      • No normal tissue disruption
      • No stitches to remove
      • No hospitalization

    To achieve true minimally invasive results is the cornerstone
    of Dr. Maxwell's philosophy.

Q: I'm busy and really on the go. How much will the surgery slow me down while I'm healing?

A: Dr. Maxwell's techniques are highly refined to eliminate nearly all of the surgical disruption you would experience at other centers. You can expect:

  • Rapid pain relief
  • Rapid return to work
  • Rapid return to activities